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Friday, October 2, 2009

Total $6.94 + A coupon for $2 off my next purchase.

Ok, The vegetables were such a good deal I had to round up some more coupons and stock up. These go great in Soups and casseroles or by themselves. At 8cents a piece they are a bargin I just couldn't pass up. Ice cream this time was 48cents, Milk 82 cents and Green Giant 50cents. I also got 2 $1 off my next shopping trip to make this deal even better.I have a super busy weekend ahead of me so I don't think I will be shopping anymore until the new ads come out next week. Happy Shopping!!!!

Total $24.74

After coupons all this was $24.74. Of course $3.13 was tax, 79cents was a donut for Carson and the Toilet paper was $3.98 after coupons. With a house of 6 people we go through the TP!LOL Here is a break down- Birdseye SteamFresh Veg 8cents, Crystal Light 50cents,Egglands Best eggs 79cents,Musselmans applesauce 33cents, Banguet Brown and Serve sausage 30cents, Hormel Bacon 98cents,8th Continent Milk 82cents, Healthy Balance juice $1, Blue bunny ice cream 98 cents,Green Giant Vegetables 50cents,Charmin Toilet paper $3.98. Not too bad for all that stuff. The kids will be super excited about the Ice cream!! Happy Shopping!!!!

Friday Country Mart Sales

Here is apicture of all my coupons before I went to Country Mart for there big Friday sale. Wish me Luck!!!