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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See what $22.26 will get you!!

The bottom picture is all the stuff I got today at Zeys and Country Mart for $22.26.The top is a pic of just the stuff that was free. Here is the breakdown....
Zeys-Boneless Chicken Breasts 99cents a pound,5 bags of Texas Toast Croutons $1 each but free after 50cent coupon doubled,Best Choice Crescent rolls 79cents,Best choice chunk cheese $1,Tonys Pizza pouches $1 after 50cent coupon doubled was free,8 lbs Oranges $2.99,8lbs apples $2.99 Total spent at Zeys $17.62.
Country Mart-Fleischmanns yeast strips $1 free after 50cent coupon doubled,5 bags Texas Toast crutons $1 free after 50cent coupon doubled,Kraft salad dressing $2.69 after $1 Country Mart coupon and $1.50 off Manufactuers coupon was 19cents,Lipton soup $1.35 after 40cent coupon doubled was 55cents,Cheese was 2/$4 but after Country Mart Q and M/C was $1 each,Eggs were 99cents but after 50cent Best choice Q and a B1G1F coupon was 25cents for each dozen eggs.Total spent a Country Mart was $4.84. Not bad for all this!!!