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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13th mail day

Free Woman's Day magazine, $1 off 2 Earthbound products, Free Sample of Stacy's pita chips, Free Coupon for Soft Scrub Cleaner and an actual bottle of the stuff. I am loving these freebies!! Wait a minute, does this mean I have to use the stuff and actually clean??

Freebies from todays Salina shopping trip!

10 free of Wonka gummies
4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
10 cans of Pilsbury biscuits
4 boxes of Special K Fruit crisps Bars
3 Johnson Buddies soap
4 Nabisco Go Paks
1 Herbal essence Shampoo
1 Suave Deoderant
1 Fiber one 4 pk yogurt
1 Jello Mousse temptations
2 pouches Starkist tuna
3 boxes Nestle ice cream bars
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I Love couponing!!


Last Friday Carson battled it out with the toilet paper holder. Yes, you heard me Toilet paper holder. And guess who won!!!!!!! Carson had to go to the Emergency room to get his nose and above his eye glued shut. That's gonna leave a mark!!!Good job for being so brave Carson J!!

Gotta Love 6 cent water!!

With all the traveling to Volleyball and Basketball tournaments I was very happy to come across this amazing water deal. Walgreens had Aquafina water on sale for $5.99 however had a in-ad coupon making them $3.99. Walgreens also had a unadvertised special if you buy 4 Pepsi products you get a $10 register reward. This makes each bottle only 6 cents!!! I promise to recycle these when we're done drinking them!!

Happy 10th Birthday Parker Hayes!!!

On January 5th Parker turned 10!!!! I love you Parker!!!!!!!!!I can't believe you 10 already. Double digit's!!!

Maddy and Maisy

Yes, we have 2 of the weirdest cats I have ever seen. I swear they are dogs in a cats body.This is them sleeping by the fire!!!Weird!!!!!!!