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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colorado 2010

With Kansas weather being like it is in late July we decided to make a 6 day trip to Colorado to cool off. Claudia was in Alaska with her grandparents so Jenna and Parker each got to take a friend. The weather was Beautiful!!!! I was sad to leave but I'm ready to get the kids back in school and get on a routine. Colorado, we will see you again next Summer Break for sure!

86% isn't that bad either!!!

Dillons is at it again!!! They are having a 3 day sale where General Mills products are 50%off and Proctor Gamble products are buy 4 get $4 off. The Gillette Bodywashes we all free and so was the Nut Clusters.The rest was amazing prices when the Coupons and cellfire/Shortcuts were takin off. My totoal was only $21.03 for all of this.With 4 kids going back to school and packing lunches and snacks these are sure to disappear quickly. The Nut Clusters are Mine!!! They are amazing so I'm claiming them!

92% Thats a record!!!!

The picture below is JUST the free stuff I got a t Dillons. The above picture is my receipt showing I saved 92% off my bill. That I believe is my best recored!!!!My total before coupons was $207.73 and after was $31.11. I got TONS of stuff! My pantry was getting bare Thanks to the kids being home for summer so now its time to restock!!!Have I mentioned lately how I love coupons?????

New Addition

This is Baily our newest Family member. She is a 8 week old purebread Golden Retriever. I am hoping with 4 kids I won't have to do much but play with her but I'm quit sure it will be the other way around. With school starting soon Mom is gonna get stuck doing all the cleaning, feeding and teaching her. Gotta Love it!